Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yay/ about me (too lazy to write two in the same day)

                             I finally got the guy I love, and I'm the happiest girl ever! I love him sooo much and I know this sounds wierd, but he smells AMAZING!!! He's so good to me and I'm the happiest girl ever!!!
                             Before I go, I wanna tell u a bit about me for some odd reason. First of all, I have so many besties, its not even funny... People I'll more then likely mention in this blog will be:.... Summer - Summer is a grade younger then me and an amazing friend. She's a new kid this year, and I befriended her quickly. She's nice, funny, and spontanious sometimes! She and I tell each other EVERYTHING going on in our lives, and usually if you're looking for either one of us, we'lll be found together...............Annie L. - There are two Annies in my class, Annie D, and Annie L. Annie L. is one of my other besties (i've got alot) and she's honest all the time, so if I want an honest opinion, I know where to go. Annie and I play cards every time we get the chance, and both are very competetive. We also tell each other everything.

And of course, my amazing boyfriend - Charles Keith Elliott. Charles is a great Christian guy and I love him with all my heart. He's got a great sense of humor and he smells amazing.  He've really sweet and he's on the Volleyball team! He really likes music and I love him to death! I love his hugs and I dont care when people say crap like "PDA" when we're hugging each other in Public, hes rly good to me and hopefully, (unless I screw it up somehow, which hopefuly i dont) he'll be mine forever! I LOVE YOU CHARLY!!!

Oh, and I just wanna let this outta my system cause its been making me really irritable. I'll probably talk about my half friend, half enemy type thing Phillip. Phillip hates losing and is rly pessimistic... HE NEEDS TO SMILE and STOP YELLING!!! Actually, today at the Volleyball game, he was yelling at me so I finally snapped at him. Hopefully, he sits by me while Annie and I are playing cards so I can kick him, or Ms.Pope makes him stand in front of me during Volleyball practice so I can "accidentally" hit him in the back of the head.  Phillips a jerkface and idk wat else to say!!!

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  1. I just hope i deserve you beautiful and i hope i have you forever 2