Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hope he doesnt read this or find out about it

The only guy in this world I'll ever love (Jesus and God are in Heaven)
Has moved on. I didn't know I really loved him as much, or needed
him as much until I broke his heart too many times for it to be sane
for him to take me back. I knew he wasnt gonna, but at least I gave it
a try. I'm really thinking it wasnt a good idea, because getting turned down by
the guy I love really hurts, even though i read the message over half an hour ago.
I waited too long and now, he's not mine. He deserves better then me anyways,
and I hope that the girl he chose knows she's the luckiest girl out there in the world. Im
letting him go, I'm not gonna get in their way this time. (dont ask about last time) I know you're
probably thinking something along the lines of "Why are you letting him go? Why arent you getting
in their way?" or something like "Aww thats so sweet!" but my reason is good: I love him and I dont
wanna lose him. If I get in their way, he'll end up hating me. I may be jealous, but I can't let it
ruin my life by making him go farther away from being mine then he already is.

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