Thursday, September 30, 2010

Im Sorry

Even though he's never going to read my blog again or believe me if I say this, I'm sorry. I know he doesnt believe me, and I've tried telling him, but it's like I never said it for him after I did. I was wrong to break up with him because my friends hated me. I still had Summer and Annie, but I was a selfish brat who wanted what she souldnt have. I realized a couple days ago that I'd rather have the whole skewl hate me if I could have him as a friend, or, a boyfriend, if he felt up to it. He has every right to be mad at me, and I had no good reason to break up with him. I am the worst person alive today, I broke his heart when he didn't deserve it... My heart was the one that should of been broken, no matter how broken it is right now that he hates me.  I know that he hates me, and I'm really sorry..... but it doesnt matter how sorry I am, I'll never get the thing that I realized I love the most back.

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