Monday, August 29, 2011


Heyy whoever reads this! I doubt anyone reads this anymore since I havent posted in like forever, lolz. So updates? That's why I'm posting? Yuppers. SO...... I'm back in public school and away from the she-demon (Summer, if you havent read my past posts :D) And I'm loving it :) We have block scheduling and on certain days, my schedule is: Math (with evil teacher lady), English I (with wonderful teacher person, History (my fav. class and my fav. teacher :D but also the class I have with my bf!!!!!!!!!) and Spanish I (with another wonderful teacher. Then on other days, I have Word Processing (aka typing, okay teacher i guess. Most ppl dont like her but I sure do (: ), Girl's P.E. (I didn't know there was a co-ed until it was too late :(, but the coach is pretty cool, I guess. lolz), Chemistry (nicish teacher, cute guys in my group, my BEST FRIEND at the public school who's also a freshman with me, how could that class get even better?) and last, but not least, Nutrition and Wellness. (fun teacher)And well, it's going great. I have a boyfriend and he's wonderful :D Before I say his name, however, I wanna make sure it's okay with him. Honestly, and weirdly cause I have no idea why, but I think he's the only guy I've acutally felt comfortable having as my boyfriend since the ex boyfriend (not the one in like Febuary, but like you know, I havent posted in quite awhile, so I owe you this long of a post) I just had and Charles/Charlyy.
According to everyone who's known me forever, I've grown up alot???? I don't know how but like, my mom said I've became a lot more mature and happy since I've been in public school. I think being away from HER (Summer) is helping alot.
For those of you who don't know Summer and I's past, I realize now surprisingly I havent told you all that went on that makes her from the best friend to the enemy.
Well, you see, Summer led me on from the beginning of the school year last year to the beginning of Christmas break thinking we were BFF's. Then, she got into my Facebook account and cussed one of my good friends out. And its not the fact she did that that makes her horrible, it's that ALL my friends could see it and she won't even own up to it. And when I refused to take the blame, since everyone from my church could see it and everyone of all my other friends, that made me look like a biotch, not her. And so since I refused to take the blame for what she did, though the girl who it happened to believes me, but since I refuse still to take the blame, she told the whole Christian school a bunch of rumors about me and called me a whore and a skank and a slut and told them I used to cut myself.... (true, though about the cutting, I hate to admit) and stuff worse then that, probably. And she still tries to act like my best friend while we're in public school. So... yea, that's why I despise her.
Well anywho... where was I? Sorry, I got a little off topic. Oh yea... I've MATURED??? i dont get it but WHATEVER. I'm gonna go, this is too long. LOLZ


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