Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Misrable

He's gone. He's in Texas now. I love him, but I cant and wont get another chance because even if he opens that door again, I wont be able to because he's in another state. I feel bad about all of this, but im at loss. He's gone... Summer backstabbed me and is now spreading rumors... Why is everyone trying to get me to my breaking point now that he's not here??? Well... I'm gonna ask my mom to transfer me to another private school over the summer if everything keeps going wrong in my life.... it's the only solution now that my breaking point is coming... I wont be surprised if one day I randomly just break down. I promised him I wouldnt do something anymore, but I want to so bad.... but a promise is a promise so I'm not gonna.

Cya for now :'(

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